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No doubt about it: The first time a woman beds down with a guy she’s crazy about is an exciting and special time. Whatever a woman’s decision, we had to wonder: Does the double standard still exist today? They push women for sex, then blame them for having sex. Some women are happy to get down to business the night they meet; others will wait weeks or months before doing the deed. ) make a big deal of how long you wait to sleep with a guy. Third date, you're probably going to date for a while. I had just gotten out of a pretty bad relationship and while I liked Rob, I don't know if I was immediately ready to jump into another one. spoke with five married couples about when they first had sex, and how they feel about it. I don't even know what I'd really consider our first "date." We just sort of started hanging out a lot.

[Tweet This] It takes a sacrificial love for one another. One partner with a low sex drive may need to initiate, even when they don’t feel like it.

The same surveys indicated that couples having more sex were more fulfilled in their marriages; however, it is difficult to determine what leads to what.

Does having more sex alone lead to greater marriage fulfillment or is it vice versa? The couple willing to put the other first and invest in one another’s needs before their own, physically and emotionally, will have a deeper level of satisfaction in their relationship.

The average response from women to this question was 25 minutes 51 seconds, while men were close behind with 25 minutes 43 seconds. Survey responses ranged from less than a minute to an hour, but the average bests are shown below.

A while back, I was having dinner with a group of friends.

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