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ELIGIBILITY You must be 18 years of age or older to visit or use this website in any manner.Standard fee is 500 for public and 1,000 for a private session in the upstairs room. Bantering and joking with one another is encouraged! (inside your image tag, after the jpeg, use height=500 or width=550 and this will reduce you to size.) *** Please use a name that someone can scream out in the throes of passion and it not sound ridiculous. ** By entering you acknowledge that you have read and understand the rules.Not frowned on, we want this room to have a friend atmosphere. *** PLEASE BE AWARE - IF YOU ARE USING A PROXY OR A VPN, YOUR IP IS BEING INSTANTLY LOGGED AND WILL BE BANNED - NO PROXY OR VPN ALLOWED UNLESS CLEARED WITH OWNER AT ABOVE EMAIL.In the lounge area are chairs, couches, and other places to sit and relax, flirt and unwind. The House gets 30% and is payable to any Mod (or you may drop the $ off in the box at the head of the stairs before going up to a room) Room dwellers are issued a standard room voucher 2,000 room credits to purchase the time (time and limits are for the room whore to decide) of a whore who wears a House Tag. ** Please limit the size of Y/your av to under 500 in height and 550 in width.Get to know the dwellers of the room Anyone may be a whore, simply add to the end of your name. (ei or a tag on the AV indicating they work at for the House). Manhandling of room whores will not be tolerated, nor will being belligerent or offensive. Period Posting pictures is welcomed, please keep it to a minimum when an open scene is transpiring. The House is about the size of Y/your imagination, not about the size of Y/your av.

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