Example of a headline for a dating profile

A killer Linked In profile is mandatory if you want to grow your personal brand and company.

Even though you're busy, Linked In is one place you can't forget.

There has been much discussion about whether it's best to write in first-person versus third-person narrative here.

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter either way--just stay consistent with whichever you choose.

Under your Contact Info, Linked In gives you the option to link to a website or blog. Linked In lets you add several sections to give your profile more visual appeal and depth.

But by default, the text that shows in your profile is the extremely dull "Blog" or "Website." Anyone visiting your profile has no clue where they'll end up if they click on that. You can add sections for posts, volunteering, languages, honors and awards, patents, causes you care about, and many more.

Without saying any names, Grande projects her feelings by using an example of another female singer whose name continuously coincides with her ex-boyfriend's (it's pretty clear she's referring to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber)."I'll never be able to swallow the fact that people feel the need to attach a successful woman to a man when they say her name," says Grande, alluding to the other singer's relationship. I'll be in the produce aisle, naked at 95, with a sensible ponytail, one strand of hair left on my head and a Chanel bow. See you there with my 95 dogs."She also can't help but be a sucker for love (aren't we all? Though she's learned her lesson about dating in the public eye and thus maintains a more private relationship status, she isn't afraid to gush about it through her music.

"I saw a headline—draw your own conclusions [on the subjects] because it'll be so much drama that I don't want—they called someone another someone's ex, and that pissed me off."She continues, "This person has had so many great records in the last year, and she hasn't been dating him forever. In fact, when asked about her rumored, unofficially official boyfriend and backup dancer, Ricky Alvarez, she's curt: "We're happy. I have a healthy life right now, and I think that's all anyone cares to know.

People are going to endorse you for all sorts of skills--sometimes even skills you don't actually have.This personal touch will increase the odds they'll accept your request.Linked In posts offer another way to grow your influence, gain more visibility, and acquire new followers. Highlight your expertise and interests by posting awesome content.Many people forget to keep their Linked In profiles updated.Whether you're a total newbie, just starting a new job, or starting to explore new opportunities, there's no excuse to have outdated information on Linked In. Here are two quick and easy areas you must check are up to date: Doing these two simple things will help more people find you and help you find more relevant potential contacts. Does your Linked In profile look boring and average?

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