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Pleasing scent to be around with good performance potential. I took it from my husband to test in my skin and woww..is masterpiece...it´s a sport scent but very elegant. Thus, I now wear Burberry London every Christmas and although it does not bring me the same compliments, it's still more enjoyable to me at that time of year.

However, if you really want to get noticed, wear ADG to a Christmas party, and I guarantee people will notice you, especially the ladies. I have a collection of cologne because I can never make up my mind on a signature fragrance.

silage 5/10 longevity 6.5/10 scent 6/10 (5 in my book is okay, im picky) price ? Something you need to re-apply at some point during the day. The one fragrance I HAD to have besides Polo green.

/10 (i don't know the price, it's a gift from my father's friend) occasion: ALL (unless you're wearing bespoke suite) a more detailed personal thought; the citrus opening is so good. perhaps by way of the perfumo being released and a resurgence in popularity. I am in my 40s now, and wearing this reminds me of my youth.

As I mentioned, it's a very versatile scent, but it is true that if you're one of the few people where the chemistry isn't right, the saline and citrus can turn unpleasantly metallic. Smells very refined, as expected from the Armani brand.

There's no way to go wrong with this one if you're into fresh and clean scents.

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I realised the error of my ways, this NEEDS to live on your skin for it’s magic to work. Upon first spray it bursts into life with a myriad of citrus, beautifully blended.

Upon dry down it’s aquatic nature comes to the fore, working with the citrus notes to create what has become a classic, and I can see why now. For its price point I would expect it to be a bit better. This is one of the best fresh/aquatic fragrance of all time ....

I’m not the biggest fan of fresh citrus and aquatic scents, but this is easily the best my nose has come across. this fragrance is really close to me as I've got lot of memories attached to this fragrance ...

In case of confusion what to wear, this is a safe go-to.

My sister even said this could smell good on her too!

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