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The right to vote was not extended gradually and steadily to encompass new categories of citizens; rather, it evolved haphazardly, with the franchise expanding and contracting numerous times and each colony proceeding at a different pace.For example, the degree of wealth needed for eligibility changed several times, with the result that people who had been entitled to vote suddenly found themselves deprived of that right, only to have it returned sometime later.The deaf customer, who filmed the interaction and uploaded it to the internet, wrote: 'I went to the Burger King drive-thru in Dublin, Ohio.I am deaf and so I pulled up to the window.'Then the manager said he was refusing to serve me and I had to leave without any food.' The deaf customer filmed the interaction and wrote of it: 'I went to the Burger King drive-thru in Dublin, Ohio. Then the manager said he was refusing to serve me and I had to leave without any food'It appears that the refusal resulted from a misunderstanding that occurred at a previous point in the drive-thru queue.'If you had blew your horn or something, we didn't know, we kept on asking.'This might signal that the Burger King employees asked the man for his order through a drive-thru intercom, but he did not hear them because he is deaf.The employee continues: 'We did not know you was deaf we did not know you couldn't hear.'The employee tries to signal to the deaf customer to leave the queue.

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Video uploaded to You Tube shows the interaction between the deaf customer and the Burger King employee.At various points throughout the two-minute video, car horns are heard.Finally, the employee, who claims to be able to read sign language, refuses the deaf man service.Women were also excluded by and large, though by convention rather than statute.In short, only a fraction of the population could vote.

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    In 1986, she received a second grant, but even after those funds ran out, she kept working on the project.