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Fertility Massages – Therapeutic massage has been shown to help decrease stress.Pulling Down the Moon offers a series of massage sessions specific to the goals of fertility patients, including massage that is safe for the two week wait.Minor spoilers below, so read at your own risk: Power Moon Location #1 - The Broodals Are After Some Cookin’Defeat Spewart in the boss battle by throwing Cappy to clear out the poison goop he shoots at you.Throw Cappy at Spewart when he’s close to stun him, then jump on him to deal damage.Jump on the left one (with the Goomba stacks on it) and run along the ledge back towards the Odyssey. Power Moon Location #7 - Lurking In The Pillar’s Shadow Go to the same Greek-looking building from #6, but look over the edge to find a platform to drop down to.Do so to find a Power Moon tucked away in an alcove.Fertility Boutique and Nutritional Supplements – Has your doctor recommended nutritional supplements?

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And, they have worked in conjunction with the medical doctors at Fertility Centers of Illinois for more than 10 years.

Once Mario dropped into the stew, jump along the floating veggies to secure this Multi Moon.

Power Moon Location #4 - Climb Up The Cascading Magma Warp to the Volcano Cave Entrance flag, then cross over to the actual cave.

As the Lava Bubble, jump up the lava the Cookatiel is spitting out to get close enough to jump on its head. Power Moon Location #6 - Piled On The Salt Warp to Peronza Plaza, then turn around and run across the green platforms.

Get to the flat area that has two ancient Greek-looking buildings.

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