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Ruxin (about naming his dog the same name as Kevin and Jenny’s next child): “This dog is real, your baby's hypothetical. Ruxin (to Andre): “Oh sweet ring tone, you change it from Limp Bizkit? Jenny (about Andre, who is on the phone outside): “What is he saying to his patient?

” Ruxin: “Probably something like 'I heard this is an emergency.

The guys from The League might just be the least friendly group of friends on TV.

Ruxin (while at the spa with Pete and Andre): “Let's keep the couple's massage; yeah, yeah, just remember when you're entering Andre not to say Kevin's name.” 15. ” Pete: “You can’t just masturbate to your lineup in public.” Ruxin: “Kevin, you're just jealous cause you took a big shit in the pool and put it up on the board.” 18.Ruxin (to Sophia, referring to Andre’s newly acquired man boobs): “Hey babe, do we have any appletinis for Andre? Jenny (to the gang via video message): “We have so much to be thankful for.” Kevin: “We have a wonderful, healthy daughter.” Jenny: “Amazing friends.” Ruxin: “Ugh, so delusional.” 42.Pete (about Andre, who is wearing a bright-orange shirt): “Who's this douchebag? He's the anorexic pumpkin we're hanging out with today.” 43.” Kevin: “I’m getting a home gym.” Pete: “And apparently you’re not ashamed to admit you know absolutely nothing about it.” Kevin: “I’m not Chuck Norris, I don’t know about a home gym, so I got the book.” Ruxin: “Usually we have to root around for your shortcomings like a pig hunting for truffles, but this is just right in front of our faces.” 22.(After discovering Kevin’s For Dummies books.) Pete: “Mexico's Beach Resorts for Dummies!? ” Ruxin: “Is there a How to Hide Your Glaring Lack of Knowledge From Your Friends for Dummies? Andre (to Pete and Kevin, about them sleeping with the same girl): “Oh yeah, cause you guys are Eskimo brothers.” Ruxin (to Pete and Kevin): “Now if you could just get rid of this pesky girl then the two of you guys could be in the igloo all by yourselves, use some whale blubber for lube.” 24.

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